Homework this semester includes some “getting started” activities as well as two graded assignments.


Please complete HW4 by Mon, Nov 28th

HW4 Description & Rubric


Please attend the two in-class workshops for HW3
Please complete HW3 by Mon, Oct 24th

HW3 In-Class Activity (for Mon, Oct 17th)
HW3 Description & Rubric


Please complete HW2 Part 1 by Mon, Sep 19th

Please complete HW2 Part 2 by Mon, Sep 26th

HW2 Description
HW2 Part 2 Rubric

HW1: Getting Started

1. Short Survey
Please complete by Fri, Aug 26th

Please tell us about yourself and help others get to know you so that you can form teams! Fill out this short survey: http://www.wilcox.gatech.edu/HCI/Survey/index.php/survey/index/sid/725197/newtest/Y/lang/en

Update: results are in!

Results Report:https://t-square.gatech.edu/access/content/group/gtc-edb7-0cc5-5164-a8e8-77156d3f6d6f/SurveyResultsReport.pdf

Raw Data: https://t-square.gatech.edu/access/content/group/gtc-edb7-0cc5-5164-a8e8-77156d3f6d6f/SurveyResultsSharable.xls

2. CITI IRB Training
This homework will be worth 5% of your course grade.
Please complete by Wed, Aug 31st

Review the GT IRB web page describing required training in getting IRB-certified.
Then take the following steps:

  • Request CITI Program Username
  • Complete CITI Training (instructions will be emailed to you after you register)
  • Submit copy of Completion Certificate using T-Square (see Assignments). Keep a copy for yourself.
3. Edit the T-Square Wiki to start forming groups
Please complete by Mon, Aug 29th

Follow the example posted on the CS 8803 Wiki to create an entry about yourself . Read the bios and interests of others in the class.