This course describes the characteristics of interaction between humans and computers and demonstrates
techniques for the evaluation of user-centered systems.

Teaching Staff

Lauren Wilcox, PhD Assistant Professor Office Hours: Mon 2:30PM-3:30PM, 237 TSRB
Keenan May Teaching Assistant Office Hours: Fri 2-3:30PM, 237 J.S. Coon 
Email: kmay at
Daniel Machado Teaching Assistant Office Hours: By appointment
Email: machado at


These two books are required:
These two books are optional:
The required texts will be heavily supplemented with other reading assigned during the semester. These additional readings will be posted as PDFs on the class web site and/or on T-Square. It is the responsibility of the students to obtain and read the extra material. The material in those extra readings may be included on tests and other evaluations in the class.

Rules of the Game

You are responsible for all material covered in class. You are also responsible for all the assigned reading (including changes or additions announced in class). If you miss a class, please talk to someone who attended. (Copies of each class’s slides will be linked to the schedule.) Course material will be found on the web through T-Square , and the assignments will be linked through

Submission Policy

Each assignment should be submitted electronically through T-Square, before the beginning of the class (1:05pm) on the day the assignment is due. If you don’t submit a homework assignment on time, the following lateness policy applies.

Lateness Policy

All assignments are due at 1:05pm on the scheduled due date before, not during or after, class. To make the deadlines more manageable, each student will be allowed four “late days” during the semester for which lateness will not be penalized. No late days may be applied to the group project. Otherwise, your four late days may be used as you see fit.
Anything turned in past the start of class until midnight the next day is one day late. Every (partial) day thereafter that an assignment is late, including weekends and holidays, counts as an additional late day.
Absolutely no late work will be accepted beyond that accounted for by your late days. If you’re not done on time, please be sure to turn in whatever you have completed on time to receive partial credit. Now, please go back and read this section over again!

Academic Honesty

Please make sure that you’ve read the Georgia Tech Honor Code. Collaboration on any assignment (except as an approved part of group projects) is strictly prohibited. Cases of suspected inappropriate collaboration or cheating will be immediately reported to the Dean of Student Affairs, and will be pursued to resolution.


Panel Presentation 10% 15%
Final Exam 20%
Homework 20% 10%
Group Project 50%  55%


Project Grading (percentage of course grade)

P1: User Research 10%
P2: Design Alternatives 10%
P3: Prototype Creation 10%
P4: Evaluation and Report 25%